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Ric's Fitness Story

Ric Simmons

In my mid 30s, I was in the worst shape of my life. My day consisted of skipping breakfast, breezing through fast food drive up windows at lunch and eating late night dinners.

Over time, without realizing it, I had become "that guy." While looking at vacation pictures, I saw a paunchy, out-of-shape, shirtless guy in swim trunks. I couldn't believe what I was seeing: "that guy" was me!

Something clicked in my brain. I knew it was time to make meaningful changes in my life to create a new, healthy, me.

I took charge. Determined to replace my bad behaviors with healthy ones, my journey toward good health began. Today, at just past 50 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

But it hasn't always been easy. Trying to formulate a template to create a healthy lifestyle was difficult and often confusing. It seemed that everyone I talked to had a different opinion, but I persevered.

Over the past few years, my love for fitness and healthy living has grown into a true passion. I left my position as a marketing professional to become a fitness instructor/trainer.

Today I operate my own fitness studio in Conroe, Texas: PLUS-FORTY-FITNESS. Every day I get the privilege of helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

I have paid particular attention to the many fitness trends. It seems that most of the information is geared toward young, already-healthy people. My thought has always been, how can anyone over 40 relate to this or apply it to their lives?

As I built my fitness business, I targeted the +40 audience. What I have found is that many +40 people who joined health clubs got lost in the crowd. Frustrated, confused and feeling defeated, most of these individuals quit before they started. The information and support is simply not there. Not anymore!

Welcome to Plus-Forty-Fitness! A fitness studio specializing in +40 Personal Training & Fitness Classes. Here you will find a friendly and safe environment.

Come see for yourself! I invite everyone to experience a FREE workout session and fitness class with no obligation. Once you have experienced the Plus-Forty-Fitness difference, I believe you will want to be part of our exciting studio.

Let me help you achieve your health & fitness goals. Call us today and schedule your FREE personal workout or class or BOTH!

Appreciate What You Have Before Time Forces You To Appreciate What You Had.

Ric Simmons
Personal Trainer/Owner

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