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5:30 Yoga - Katy


8:30 AM Z​UMBA - ​Leta


​9:30 AM ZUMBA-Leta


​12:00 PM Bootcamp -Amy

​Peloton and The mirror classes anytime call or t​xt set up apt 936-827-2258

Class schedule subject to change effective Jan, 2021.

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​About Our Classes

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Zumba® Step

Take lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights with Zumba® Step, the newest Zumba® program. Tone and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics. Bring your students maximum results without losing the easy-to-follow fitness-party!

Body Toning

Get ready to get your body stretched and your muscles conditioned and toned. This class is designed for any fitness level. Using fitness toning bars, hand weights and stretch bans, participants will exercise their muscles and joints in a low impact manner. Chairs are used to assist in balance while working legs and lower body. Core exercises incorporated . Goal is to help participants improve their quality of life and prevent injury by strengthening body and joint muscles. 45 minute class

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of active older adults, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. What stays the same are all the elements the Zumba Fitness-Party is known for: the zesty Latin Music, like salsa, meringue, cumbia and reggaeton; the exhilarating, easy-to-follow moves; and invigorating, party-like atmosphere. Zumba Gold is a perfect fit for older adults wanting to add excitement and fun to their fitness program. 60 minute class

Modified Yoga

The goal of yoga, or of the person practicing yoga, is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility while improving your health during meditation. Yoga is structured in 'posturing' in different poses during the duration of class. Each pose has a purpose, which is explained by the instructor. 60 minute class

Body Blast Boot Camp

Get your butt moving and stop making excuses. If you are ready to challenge yourself and get the results you are looking for, then this is the class for you. Each class is structured as a full body workout utilizing weights and cardio to push you to the limit, that is why we call it Boot Camp. Build both strength and endurance. 45 minute class


Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before participants know it, they are getting fit and their energy levels are soaring! There is no other fitness class like a Zumba class like a Zumba Fitness-Party. It is easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, often building a deep-rooted community among returning students. 60 minutes

​Line Dancing

​Line dancing​ is a fun way to improve your dance skills, Improve your Balance, Teach you basic footwork, and Provide you a way to practice.  The same skills learned in line dancing will apply to any form of couple dancing.