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​Nicole Ireland

​​Finding Plus Forty Fitness was a game changer for me. I have worked out either in a gym setting or on my own for the last 35 years, but I found myself lacking the motivation to go on my own. I wanted a program that would be effective and produce results without spending 5 or more hours in the gym per week. Now, for the last 7 years i have worked out 2 times a week for 30 minute sessions with a trainer. It is enough to keep my body toned and fit. When I want to step up my fitness I add some fitness classes to my routine.

​Garlaine Kelly 

​I came to +Forty about a year ago to improve my balance and strength and to drop some pounds. I had a terrible fall, a large number birthday, and weight gain. I was so ready to get in shape!
Brandon tailored a training program to fit my goals. Today I feel much stronger and my joints and legs are not aching. I am now in my target weight zone and eating low carb for life. Brandon promises to help me maintain. I am pain free with more energy, happy, and grateful.

​T​ommy Moore

​I have been a client of + 40 ​Fitness from the first day, ​some 8 years ago. As a member, I have never been disappointed in the staff or the value ​I rec​eive f​or my membership. For the past 25 years I have been a Football Official for the National Football League, and I credit my fitness and abillity to stand up to the grind of the travel to + 40 Fitness. We have a family atmosphere and the friends I have made here are a blessing.

​Barbi Bishop

​You know the time is way over d​ue,  to start an exercise program. Well I was there. So out I went in search for the place to call home to get myself in shape. I had this place all mapped out in my mind. Finally, found it!  Yes, 40+ was my place. I knew when I opened the door. There he was, my fitness trainer Brandon. When I say this is just what the Doctor ordered, it is true. He helped me regain my health back after a serious illness. I have been training for a year & I feel amazing. Thank you Brandon for getting me there. I look forward to every work out with you.

​Teddy Castillo

​Plus 40 Fitness has helped me stay active and I feel like I am not slowing down due to getting older. The weights offers resistance without being hard on say joints and the ZAAZ vibration machine is beneficial in numerous ways. Brandon is always ready for my appointments and  to adjust my program ​if I'm able to do more and motivates me to do so. The facility is very clean and I always have fun working out. Plus 40 Fitness has become a great addition to my life and my desire to keep moving and be healthy!

​Debbie Winkens

My name is Debbie Winkens and I have been a client at Plus Forty Fitness for almost two years two times per week.  I began working out to maintain my lifestyle as an active Grandmother.  Little did I know that these workouts would give me a very important life changing health benefit.  Right after I started working out I was given news that I had lost almost 25% of bone density in my hips over the course of only two years.   My Doctor gave me a prescription to treat the loss of bone and told me to start taking calcium, vitamin D and start weight training.  I told Brandon about my prescription and he shared with me that a couple of his female clients had success with increasing their bone density without taking any drugs by just maintaining their weekly workouts.  After 18 months of working out my last bone density test came back normal.  My bone density increased without taking the medication which had terrifying side effects.   I contribute the reversal to my weekly workouts.  


These workouts are always a challenge and never get easier which is to say that week after week these workouts are working as they are designed. I really enjoy coming into the studio and like the idea that Plus Forty Fitness also offers classes in the mornings and evenings for every fitness level.  I also enjoy the atmosphere and friendliness of the studio.  


If you have been considering some type of strength training and don't know where to start I highly recommend you getting in touch with Brandon.  He has set high standards for his commitment to his clients and he displays this every day.   This has been by far the best thing I have done for my body.  At 61 years of age I know that I need professional help to maintain my active lifestyle. I am convinced that I could not have achieved these results on my own.  


Thanks Brandon!

​Edna Price

​75 plus!!...and grateful to be in the best health ever from continual strength and cardio challenges and caring encouragement from a super trainer at Plus Forty Fitness &​ Wellness Studio. A one of a kind fitness studio with individual strength training and an excellent variety of daytime and evening classes emphasizing cardio, toning, balance, stretching for increased flexibility and more..all with certified, diligent instructors. Following years of health challenges with significant loss of bone density and muscle, Plus Forty Fitness &​ Wellness Studio
has pulled it all back together for me! I love this workout and having such strong muscles, good balance, a flexible body and good bone density!! A real Plus!!

​Paula Charnock

​Love, love , love working out with Brandon on strength training! I started the program 5 months ago and what a difference this has made for me. I am a 72 year old women who was trying to find a program that would help me improve my quality of life and I have found one, I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

​Angela Rivera

​Working with Brandon at + 40 Fitness was the best decision I made in 2018. My balance and strength has greatly improved and I look forward to every visit, This is money well-spent! The Investment in my health impacts everything else I do.